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Annie Porter
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Jack Traven
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"No, Jack... Poor people are crazy. Rich people are eccentric."

"This bus... Is going way too fast."

"You're a good, kind man. They're gonna write songs about you."

"We got all the balls in the world right here man."

"Way to go, Jack."

"Oh, my God, he *is* insane."

"Well, I guess they fell behind."

(To bus driver) L.A.P.D.!! There's a BOMB on your BUS!!

"There's enough C-4... to blow a hole in the world."

"Yeah, well it mustn't have been too good, because I woke up alone."

"Will the mystery guest please check in."

"Yeah, you get on the bus."

"Thanks for the tip, Ortiz"

"You're right. It's going to turn over."

Jack: (disgusted at seeing a cheap gold watch strapped to the bomb on the bus, (or, seeing enough C-4 to, "blow a hole in the world"): **** ME!!
Tourist (politely): Oh darn.