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Annie Porter
Captain McMahon
Harry Temple
Howard Payne
Jack Traven
Jaguar Owner
Multiple Characters

"How do you feel?"... "Like I been shot."

"I got gum on my seat! GUM!"

" You're all fired. You're F#@*ing fired."

"He'd want to be here, but he'd want to stay mobile." "Yeah, well, Mac outweighs your gut, so we sit." "That's our scumbag!"

"Get your ass behind the yellow line."

"He's been playing us, since minute one."

"... because I'm smarter than you."

"Don't try to grow a brain."

" Don't [email protected]%$ with Daddy."

"I don't suppose anyone is going to give me two million dollars for you?"

"Do you think if you pick up all the busdriver's teeth, they'll give you another prize? I've got your attention now, Jack, don't I?"

"Nice move, man!"

"Mac, we're boned."

"Do you have insurance?"

"It was the watch that lead him to me, wasn't it?"