Slap Shot

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Reggie Dunlop (Head Coach | Captain)
The Hanson Brothers (Steve, Jack and Jeff)

Reggie Dunlop: Lard ass Barkley Donaldson,You all saw what happened. Stick down, gloves off, He challenged the Chiefs. Called us names, CALLED US NAMES! But Dave was there. Dave's a killer.
Johnny Upton: Dave's a mess.
Reggie Dunlop: But Dave's out. Who's gonna take his place?
Ned Braden: Is the answer Jesus?.
Reggie Dunlop:Ok guys. Show us what you got![looking directly to the Hansons]

[discussing hockey rules and customs, in broken English]
Denis Lemieux: Icing 'appen when dee puck come down... Bang! ... You know... before dee udder guy. ...Nobody dere. My arm go comes up like dis, den dee game stop den start hup."

Joe McGrath: They've come challenge the Chiefs, the toughest team in the Federal League. Not this...bunch of...pussies (stomps out out locker room)
Reggie Dunlop: Scouts?