Shrek quotes

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(upon seeing the castle where Fiona is held prisoner) Sure, it's big enough, but look at the location!

Blue flower, red thorns, blue flower, red thorns... this would be so much easier if I wasn't colorblind!

Don't die on me, Shrek. Oh, and if you see a long tunnel, stay away from the light!

I live in a swamp! I put up signs! I'm a terrifying ogre! WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET A LITTLE PRIVACY?!!


No one likes a kiss-ass.

Nobody move! I have a dragon and I'm not afraid to use it!

Oh, man, I can't feel my toes! (looks down at his hooves) I DON'T HAVE ANY TOES! (sadly) I think I need a hug...

Parfaits may be the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet!

Princess, you're not that ugly. Well, all right, you are ugly; I ain't gonna lie to you. But you're only like this at night. Shrek's ugly 24/7!

That's right fool! Now I'm a FLYING talking donkey! You mighta seen a housefly, maybe even a superfly, but I bet you ain't never seen a DONKEY FLY!

When I get outta here, I'm gonna need some serious therapy! Look at my eye twitching!

You hear that? She called me a noble steed. She think I'm a steed!

You're so wrapped up in layers, onion boy, you're afraid of your own feelings!