Shrek the Third

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Puss In Boots (Donkey): We got boat crash and the magic mix.
Doris: You poor sweet things.
Cinderella: I don't get it.
Snow White: The cat turned into a little horse that smells like feet...What's there to get?
Sleeping Beauty: Who that?

Snow White: I'm sorry, but this isn't working for me!
Sleeping Beauty: Everything's always about you, isn't it? It's not like your attitude is helping, Snow!
Snow White: I think it just bothers you that I was voted fairest in the land!
Rapunzel: You mean in that RIGGED election?
Snow White:Oh, give me a break. (dreamy voice) Rapunzel, Rapunzel, (sarcastic voice) let down thy golden extensions.
Queen: Ladies, let go of your betty complains and let's work together.

(Rapunzel has betrayed the princesses in order to be with Prince Charming.)
Charming: Say hello to the new queen of Far Far Away!
Cinderella: Yay! (claps)
(awkward pause)
Fiona: Why?
Rapunzel: Jealous much?

Prince Charming: This was supposed to be MY happily ever after!!!
Shrek: Well, I guess you better keep looking (looks at Fiona lovingly, then back at Charming)...'cause I'm not giving up mine!

Fiona: For what it's worth, you would've made a great king.
Shrek: (rubs Fiona's tummy) I had something else in mind.

Captain Hook: (looming over a young boy threateningly with his hook) Well, well, well. If it isn't Peter Pan!
Boy's Mother: His name's not Peter!
Captain Hook: Shut it, Wendy.

Artie: (To Shrek) Please don't eat me
Students and Teacher:(chanting) Eat him eat him...
Shrek: I'm not here to eat him!
Students and Teacher: Aww...
Shrek: It's time for toothbrush and jammies. You're the new king of far far away.
Artie: What?

Gingy: I hate dinner theatre.
Pinocchio: Me too. [his nose grows]

Rapunzel: Oh pookykins you said you wouldnt hurt them.
Prince Charming: Not now kitten whiskers.