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Art Blank
Detective Hoffman
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John Kramer/Jigsaw
Peter Strahm

[During the autopsy, wax-covered tape is found in Jigsaw's stomach] Dr. Heffner: What the hell? Get homicide here. Now.
[Det. Hoffman arrives]
Hoffman: Where is it?
Dr. Heffner: It was in his stomach.
[A doctor shows him the tape in wax]
Hoffman: Cut it out.
[Flashback: John pours wax on a tape in Saw III, then swallows it]
[Hoffman takes out the recording tape, the places the wax tape into a tape player]
Autopsy Tape: Are you there, detective? If so, you are probably the last man standing. Now, perhaps you will succeed where the others have failed. You think you will walk away untested. I promise that my work will continue. You think it's over just because I'm dead? It's not over. The games have just begun.

[Rigg is watching a tape of Hoffman interrogating Jill Tuck]
Rigg: She knows something.
Hoffman: I thought you were going home. You have vacation time, right? Take it. Finish the remodeling, spend some time with Tracy.
Rigg: She understands.
Hoffman: Then don't take her for granted.
Rigg: Eric is still out there, man.
Hoffman: Eric's been missing for six months. Kerry was gone for four days. I can only be as optimistic as the facts allow.
Rigg: Yeah, well I'm in it till I find him.
Hoffman: Finding his body is not going to vindicate us.
Rigg: Finding him alive will.
Hoffman: It's time to let go. I want you to go home. I'll call you later to make sure everything is okay.
[Rigg leaves]
Linsdey Perez: Who's he?
Detective Hoffman: Lieutenant Rigg, our SWAT commander.
Peter Strahm: What's his problem?
Detective Hoffman: Everyone around him keeps dying.

[Audio only; Eric's last words in Saw II] I'LL ****ING KILL YOU!! YOU ****ING BITCH!!!

[To Rigg] We chose this. Go home.

[Discovering Ivan is a serial rapist] Is this what you do with your spare time?

It will come back to you.

[To Art whilst strapped to a chair] You ****ing hear me, you ****ing mother****er?

[After Eric is killed at 00:01 seconds until his freedom] I had more time. I still had ****ing time!

[To Jill Tuck] How do you feel about a husband who takes a motto from your drug clinic, designed to help people, and twists it into some kind of manic torture mantra?

Listen to me. I'm not the one you gotta worry about. You understand me? I'm not the one you gotta worry about. [Under his breath] Asshole. As a matter of fact, I recommend you stay alive until the ****ing clock counts down. [Picks up his revolver] Here's the good news: If this other guy finishes his test, the three of us can go free. Hey, look at me. Look at me. If you don't stay on the block, your partner gets electrocuted. Now for my final task. [Hands Matthews the revolver and a single bullet] Live or die. You make the choice.

You know, there's a lot of people out there looking for answers, wanting to place the blame on someone. That person is you. But you know what the best part is? I don't have to convince everybody. Just 12 people.

[Referring to Perez' blood on his shirt] You see this? This is my partner's blood. She's fighting for her life right now in a hospital because of your lunatic husband. What happened between Jigsaw and Art Blank?

[After Perez is injured; Deleted Scene] Hello, Mrs. Perez? Yeah, hi. This is Peter Strahm. I work with your daughter Lindsey. Yeah. I have some bad news. [Furiously hurls papers and other things into a wall]

[To Det. Hoffman] We're here to help find who your department couldn't, detective. The person helping Jigsaw and Amanda Young.

[Whilst Brenda is trying to kill him] I just saved your ****ing life!