[Strahm, Perez and other police officers have discovered Brenda's corpse from earlier.]
Peter Strahm: It's started.
Lindsey Perez: Strahm... [Peter comes over; holding a flashlight over some of the photos] Two detectives. You see this?
Strahm: Hoffman-- you got a 20 on him?
SWAT Pete: Not yet. [To Fisk] Hoffman.
Fisk: Calling.
Lindsey Perez: How do you explain Detective Matthews?
Peter Strahm: He's alive.
Lindsey Perez: Six months. Jigsaw never kept anyone that long.
Peter Strahm: No one but Amanda Young.
Lindsey Perez: You think he's been fixed?
Peter Strahm: Why these six?
Lindsey Perez: Hoffman's a decorated lieutenant. He doesn't fit the profile.
Peter Strahm: That's what you see... but what does he see? [Gestures to the SEE WHAT I SEE on the wall]
Lindsey Perez: Rigg trying to save his two friends.
Peter Strahm: Maybe. You got names and locations on any of these people?
SWAT Pete: Working it.
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