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Dirk Calloway
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Max Fischer
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Rosemary Cross: How did I hurt your feelings?
Max Fischer: Oh, my God! I wrote a hit play! [pause] And I'm in love with you.

Rosemary Cross: I'll show you the door.
Max Fischer: I'll just go back out the window.

Rosemary Cross: That's none of your business.
Max Fischer: I know it's not, but I just got hit by a car and I'm feeling a little confused.

[Max has just petitioned to make Latin a required subject]
Magnus Buchan: [heavy Scottish brogue] Why dincha just piss off, Fischer? Ya dotty wee skid mark!
Max Fischer: Is that Latin?

[Describing Max to the police] 112 pounds. Black hair. Glasses... Oval face.

[Introducing his play "Heaven and Hell"] Also, you'll find a pair of safety glasses and some earplugs under your seats. Please feel free to use them.

[On a walkie-talkie] There's action across the street. [static] It's Snowman! Take him!

[to Dr. Peter] I was punched in the face. What's your excuse?

[to Max] I just wanted to say, I'm sorry I threw rocks at you that day.

[to Rosemary] I'm sorry, I just came by to thank you for WRECKING MY LIFE!

[to Rosemary] Rushmore was my life, now you are.

[to Rosemary] So we both have dead people in our families.

Did Max have something planned for us today? A trip to a museum or something?

I saved Latin. What did you ever do?

I wrote a hit play!