Carter: There he is: Steven Reign. Living large in one of his penthouse suites. [Isabella walks in to Reign's room] That's her. That's the woman on Ricky Tan's boat. [hands the periscope to Lee]
Lee: He's leaving.
Carter: Oh, he'll be back.
Lee: How do you know?
Carter: You see how fine that woman is. He'll definitely be back. (lies down in bed)
[Lee notices Isabella taking off her bathrobe] Carter: What's going on?
Lee: She.... uh.... is just standing around, not doing much.
Carter: Well stay awake, something bound to happen.
Lee: I try to stay awake...this is so boring. [While watching Isabella undress, whispers] Slow down baby....
Carter: What did you say?
Lee: Huh? Uh.... I said nothing!
Carter: You said something!
Lee: No, no, nothing.
[Carter notices Lee's shifting] Carter: [gets up from bed] What is going on Lee?
Lee: She's.... getting undressed!
Carter: What?
Lee: She's getting undressed!
[Carter struggles with Lee to grab the periscope] Lee: Hey! It's.... not-
Carter: LORD, HAVE MERCY! She's taking off her skirt!
Lee: I cannot hear this! [walks away]
Carter: Black bra, black panties, Victoria's Secret, spring catalogue, page 27. Girl's got class. [zooms in] She got a tattoo, that's cute. It looks like.... Snoopy.
Lee: Snoopy! I love Snoopy! [Tries to grab periscope]
Carter: I love Snoopy too, hold on. [Isabella opens the door for a delivery woman] Hey, that's the same person that dropped off the package at your office.
Lee and Carter: It's a bomb!
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