Versace Salesman: Hi, nice to see you. Can I help you gentlemen?
Carter Yeah. I'm gonna need black, 42-long, and nothing touches this body but pure silk. And get my partner something from the kid's department.
Versace Salesman: OK, would your partner like to be wrapped in silk too? Some people think it's tacky, but I really enjoy it when couples dress alike.
Carter: No - wait a minute - no! This aint no couples thing, man. We're police officers; we're working a very dangerous case and we need some clothes.
Lee: Yes, there are alot of men chasing us.
Versace Salesman: As well they should be. Listen, you have nothing to worry about, OK? Because I'm going to turn you two into the belle of the ball.
Lee: Thank you.
Versace Salesman: Absolutley. [to Carter] Let's start with you, shall we? You've got the mochachino face, beautiful skin, and the bring broad shoulders, OK? Let's put a dead animal on you! Croc-skin... buttercream... buttercream... croc-skin... buttercream...What size is the waist? Let's go in! [approaches Carter with open arms]
Carter: Hey! Watch it, sweetness!
Versace Salesman: He's got some fire to him!
Carter: Honeycups!
Versace Salesman: I like that!
Carter: Go get the clothes! Hurry up!
Versace Salesman: I'll go pull some items. Oh, Jesus! Lil' Kim! I'll be back.
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