Paulie: I don't want nothin' from you, this ain't no charity case...Get outta my house...You're no friend no more...Both of ya get out of my house...Now you're a big-shot fighter on the way up. You don't even throw a crumb to your friend Paulie. When I go and get your meat every morning, you forgot that, and then I even give you my sister too.
Adrian: Only a pig would say that!
Paulie: I'm a pig? A pig that seen you had the best. [He smashes a serving set on a side table]...I don't get married because of you. You can't live by yourself. I put you two together and you - don't you forget it. You owe me! You owe me.
Adrian: What do I owe you?
Paulie: You're supposed to be good to me.
Adrian: I don't owe you nothin'. And you made me feel like a loser. I'm not a loser.
Paulie: You're busted - you're not a virgin...Ya let him in your pants. I can't haul meat no more. [sits, crying]
[Adrian and Rocky leave the room]
Adrian: You want a roommate?
Rocky: Absolutely.
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