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J. Frank Parnell
Otto Maddox

Look at 'em, ordinary ****ing people, I hate 'em.

Otto Maddox: Take off your clothes.
Leila: I'm at work, Otto!
Otto Maddox: Oh yeah? Me too.
Leila: Your work is different than mine.
Otto Maddox: Says who?
[pulls off his pants]
Leila: What're you doing? Don't do that!
Otto Maddox: Well, the least you could do is give me a blow job.
[Leila slaps him]
Otto Maddox: I guess that means no.

Otto Maddox: You're all repo men.
Oly: What if we are?
[Otto pours beer onto the floor and tosses the can]
Bud: You know, kid, usually when someone pulls shit like that my first reaction is uh, I want to punch his ****ing lights out. But you know something?
Bud and Oly [in unison]: You're all right!

[singing] Don't wanna talk about anything else/We don't wanna know/We're just dedicated to our favorite shows: "Saturday Night Live","Monday Night Football", "Dallas", "Jeffersons", "Gilligan's Island", "Flintstones"!

Leila: Thanks for the ride.
Otto Maddox: Sure. Do you want to go out with me again?
Leila: I don't know, I'm kind of busy, with the Malibu and all.
Otto Maddox: Great...terrific. Here's your shit!
Leila: What's your problem? Girls might like you if you lightened up a bit.
Otto Maddox: ****! Girls pay to go out with me.

Reverend Larry: I DO want your money, because God wants your money!

I don't allow no Commies in my Christians, either!

The more you drive, the less intelligent you are.

I do my best thinking on the bus.

You ever hear of the neutron bomb? Destroys people - leaves buildings standing. Fits in a suitcase. It's so small, no one knows it's there until - BLAMMO. Eyes melt, skin explodes, everybody dead. So immoral, working on the thing can drive you mad.

[Duke hurts his hand trying to open the trunk of the Malibu]
Archie: Aw, Dukie Wookie hurt his wittle hand.
Duke: **** you, Archie! Just for that, you're not in the gang anymore.
Archie: I'm taking over now.
Debbie: Oh, leave it!
Archie: King Archie! The Invincible!
Duke: Shut up, Archie!
Archie: Hey Debbie! Watch this!
[Archie opens the trunk and is vaporized by the contents]
J. Frank Parnell [calmly]: Oh, my. What a shame.
Debbie: Duke, let's go do those crimes!
Duke: Yeah. Let's get sushi... and not pay!

Repo man's always intense.

I walk into someone's place of work. They're shit scared. They know I'm not a cop. They think I've come to kill them,and I would. I'd kill anybody who crosses me. You know what I mean.

Man in Black: [in response to being attacked] Not the face!

There ain't no difference between a flying saucer and a time machine.