Miller: John Wayne was a fag.
Repo Men: The hell he was!
Miller: He was, too, you boys. I installed two-way mirrors in his pad in Brentwood, and he came to the door in a dress.
Oly: That don't mean nothing, Miller. A lot of straight guys like to watch their buddies ****. I know I do.
Otto Plettschner: Damn straight!
Note: This may be an allusion to Raymond Burr, who, according to the biography, "Hiding in Plain Sight", came to the door to let in a workman wearing a pink robe. "When the workers came to my house on Monday, I asked them how the meeting went on Sunday and they said 'fine,' but I could sense something was off-base," Hiller said. "They didn't have the enthusiasm that they had before, or which I expected. I kept at them, 'What's the matter?' Turned out they were going to do the work, but when they knocked and Raymond opened the door, he was wearing a pink bathrobe. And that put the one who just loved him away."
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