Raising Arizona

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Edwina 'Ed' McDunnough
Gale Snopes
H.I. McDunnough
Multiple Characters
Nathan Arizona Sr.

Now mind his li'l fontanelle!

I tried to stand up and fly straight, but it wasn't easy with that sumbitch Reagan in the White House. I dunno. They say he's a decent man, so maybe his advisors are confused.

There's what's right, and there's what's right, and never the twain shall meet.

Say, did you hear about the person of the Polish persuasion who walked into a bar with a big 'ol pile of shit in his hands and he says, "Look what I almost stepped in"?

We released ourselves on our own recognizance.

Now, Y'all who're without sin can cast the first stone

Nathan needs some Huggies, I'll be out directly. Mind you stay strapped in.

Prison life is more structured than most men care for...

Well, this is nothing but a goddamn shakedown and a screwjob, any way you look at it!

My fie-ance left me!

Turn to the right!