Phantom of the Opera, The (2004)

Phantom of the Opera, The (2004) quotes

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Christine Daaé
Madame Giry
Meg Giry
Raoul De Chagny
The Phantom
Ubaldo Piangi

Either way you choose he has to win

Either way you choose, you cannot win.

Farewell my fallen idol and false friend

Father once spoke of an angel, I used to dream he'd appear

Fear can turn to love - you'll learn to see, to find the man behind the monster, this... repulsive carcass, who seems a beast, but secretly dreams of beauty. Secretly... secretly...

Flattering child you shall know me. See why in shadow I hide. Look at your face in the mirror... I am there inside!

For pity's sake, Christine, say no! Don't throw your life away for my sake!

For the past three years these things do happen and do you stop them from happening? NO! And you two, you are as bad as him. "These things do happen." (grunts) Until you stop these things from happening, this thing does not happen! Ubaldo, andiamo, bring my doggy and my boxy!

Gentlemen, I have now sent you several notes of the most amiable nature,
detailing how my theater is to be run...

Get my doggy, bring my doggy, bye-bye!!!...Bye-bye, dancing girls, bye-bye!!

Have you gorged yourself at last, in your lust for blood? Am I now to be prey to your lust for flesh?

He love me, he love me! Love me, love me, love me!!!

He's mocking our position!

He's there, the phantom of the opera

His life is now the prize which you must earn.