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James St. James
Michael Alig
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You're just some lame-ass, Johnny-come-lately, fairy, ****, copycat! You don't even know your skrink from your skrod! You stupid logger blogger!

Darling, half the fun of eating meat is hacking it up.

It doesn't matter what you look like! I mean if you have a hunchback, just throw a little glitter on it, honey, and go dancing.

Elke: He was always making money. He just had a knack for it. My little candy man.

Christina: How do you like my UFO?

Police Officer: [trying to pick Christina up] Let's go, sweetheart. You're a big girl.

James: Michael, I hate you for making me say serious things so I will only say this once. You've gone too far with the drugs.
Michael: Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Michael: So. How's the novel coming?
James: I've done another page! But now I think I might have writer's block.
Michael: Two pages in five years?

Michael: So, notice anything different?
James: [looks around] The flies?
Michael: No, seriously James. Anything or anyone missing? Like a drug dealer who used to live here?
James: Well darling that could be anyone. Can I buy a vowel?

Michael: Hi. I'm Michael Alig.
James: Well I'll alert the media. Gotta dash!

James: I know what you need. A nice hot cup of hot chocolate.
Michael: Can you put some ecstasy in mine?

Michael: We're like two peas in a pod, you and I, James.
James: I pity the pod.
Michael: You're the Yoda to my Luke.
James: Excuse me. You're the Paula Abdul to my Janet Jackson.
Michael: That's good, right?

Michael: Our magazine's on the stands today. Can you believe it? Our own magazine!
James: I've already seen it, and there's a problem. A big problem. I've been cut off. [reads from magazine page] "James St. James heads up white slave ring, sells twelve year old boys on Avenue B. Exclusive by Michael Alig." Why, Michael? Why?
Michael: Oh come on Skrink, I think it's funny!
James: My father does not share your sense of humor!
Michael: I didn't know he was a Project X reader!
James: Yes you did, because you sent him a lifetime subscription!

Michael: Angel bailed me out.
James: Angel?
Michael: Well, actually, Angel bailed you out.
James: Me?
Michael: Yeah, I told the police I was you.
[James gawks in disbelief]
Michael: Oh James, it's just all in fun. And after I told them you had AIDS, they gave me my own room with a VCR and ice cream!
James: Michael, I don't even like you! I have never liked you!

Talk Show Host: Is it true, ma'am, that your son Michael turned you on to the pill ecstasy?
Elke: He said it was a headache pill.
Talk Show Host: What happened when you took it?
Elke: My headache went away!