Ishwar 'Langda' Tyagi quotes

Bewakoof aur chutiya mein dhaage barabar ka farak hota hai. Dhage ke henge bewakoof aur hunge, chutiya. Dhaga khench lo to kaun hai bewakoof kaun hai chutiya, carore rupiye ka prashan hai bhaiya.

A thin line (or thread) separates the fool from the dumbass. On one end of the line lies the fool and on the other, the dumbass. Upon snapping the line it's a million dollar question as to who's the fool and who's the dumbass, brother. Zara dhenkhe to sahie dulhe raja ko. Ainkhen!

Let's see the face of the pretty bridegroom now. Well, I'll be damned. Tu to bewakoof hain na? Chutiya to insaan shaadi ke baad hove hai.

Surely you are the fool, right? 'Coz a man becomes an idiot only after his wedding. Mein juttha to kutte ka jaana. Mein saccha to teri maa ka khasam

If I am a liar, then I am a son of a dog . If I am honest then I am your mother's illegitimate lover

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