Shane West: Mr Ocean, what do you do? If you don't mind me asking.
Danny: I don't mind you asking, I just got out of prison. I'll take two.
Joshua Jackson: Why were you in prison?
Danny: I stole stuff.
Shane West: You stole stuff? Like jewels?
Rusty: Incan matrimonial headmasks.
Shane West: Is there a lot of money in that? Incan matrimonial -
Danny: - headmasks. Yeah, some.
Rusty: Don't let him fool you, there's boatloads. If you can move them. But you can't. I'll take two.
Danny: My fence seemed confident enough.
Rusty: Dealing in cash you don't need a fence.
Danny: Some people lack vision.
Rusty: Probably everybody on cellblock E.
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