Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, A

Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, A quotes

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It's Avoid All Contact Day.

[to Debbie, who had just squished a bug] Hey, Supergirl, it's dead. Give a bug a break.

[after Alice's shoe accidentally flies off while practicing karate and the shoe lands into a fish tank] Swish. Killed a fish.

[while fighting Freddy in his dream] How'ya gonna fight me without your weapon, Freddy?

Debbie Stevens: What 17-year-old has fatal asthma?

Sheila Kopecky: [mocking Debbie] Oh, hi, handsome. Care for some buns?

Roland Kincaid: That don't mean dick.

Jock: [in response to Sheila's inhaler] Hey, baby. You're sucking on the wrong nozzle.
Debbie: Hey, yo, needle dick! I bet you're the only male in this school suffering from penis envy.

Debbie: How can you ride this health hazard? You know, it's no wonder that you have asthma.
Sheila: No, you see, asthma is an inherited condition. Read a book now and then, you might know something.
Debbie: You know, speaking of books, isn't trig your favorite?
[Shelia nods yes and realizes what Debbie's asking]
Sheila: "Dynasty" again?
[Debbie smiles]
Sheila: Deb, do us a favor and get a VCR.

Kristen: God, I hate dreaming.
Alice: Mmm, I love to dream. I just hate the ones about my dad.

Kristen: How do you know so much about dreams?
Alice: Well, when it's all you have you sort of become an expert.

Debbie: [in Debbie's dream] I don't believe in you.
Freddy: I believe in you.

Elaine Parker: Something matter with the cuisine?
Kristen: Well, Mom I'll tell you, when two of your friends die in the same day, let me know what it does to your appetite.
Elaine Parker: You're just tired, don't think I haven't noticed you haven't been sleeping young lady. That has got to stop, honey.
Kristen: [suddenly gets up, feeling drowsy instantly] What's wrong with me?
Elaine Parker: Adolescent anxiety... this will make it better.
Kristen: [confused, she looks at lemonade which is murky. SHe drops the glass, which shatters onto the table] Oh God! What did you do?!
Elaine Parker: Oh please!
[grabs mom's purse and sleeping pills fall out]
Kristen: Jesus! Sleeping pills?!
Elaine Parker: Look Kristen I'm sorry it's just...
Kristen: Sorry?! Sorry after you and your tennis pals torched this guy and now he's after me?! In case you haven't been keeping score, it's his ****ing banquet, and I'm the last course.
Elaine Parker: Kristen, we went over this in therapy!
Kristen: No mother, you just murdered me. Take that to your god damn therapy.
Elaine Parker: Kristen!
[runs out of the dining room, sedated and falling]

Freddy: [in Kristen's dream] Elm Street's last brat. Farewell.
Kristen: We beat you before!
Freddy: And now you're all alone! Kristen, why don't you, uh, (scrapes his nails on a pipe) call on one of your little friends? Maybe they could help.
Kristen: Never! I'm the last!
Freddy: Why don't you reach out, and cut someone?
Kristen: No!

Alice: [Rick comes in and sits next to Alice, who is watching a video with Rick and Kristen in it in their happier days] You made her so happy then.
Rick: Yeah, before all this Freddy shit.
Alice: [Turns to Rick] You know, I saw it in my dream. Th-There was this horrible man--
Rick: [Interrupting Alice with a tone in his voice] Oh, who, Freddy? Freddy? Look, I don't want to hear about Freddy, okay. I heard it all from Kristen and I don't want to hear anymore. So just stop it.
Alice: I could smell the smoke. I can feel the fire. It wasn't a dream it was real!
Rick: I said stop it! She wasn't crazy and neither are you, so just stop it, please. God, why are you acting this way?
Alice: I don't know, Rick. Something happened in the dream and now. It's like she's a part of me.