Cecil: Hey, Huns. (Two burly Hun guards lay hold of Cecil taking him from Larry)
Larry Daley: (To Akmenrah) Tell Attila to take him (Cecil) back to the museum and put him with the rest of the guards.
Akmenrah: (To Attila) Azuzu baka raka lokeu. (Attila nods and sounds agreement and turns to his men)
Larry Daley: Oh and uh, no limb ripping.
Attila: Zahza buku.
Larry Daley: Oh no no no.
Attila: (makes a small amount indication with his thumb and index finger) Pikaka?
Larry Daley: (copies the gesture with it a bit larger than Attila's) Mmmm. Makikaka.
Attila: (he and his men happily laugh) Egobugu! Li tu makikaka lau!
Cecil: (as the guards pick him bodily up and bear him away) Wait, hold on a minute. What does "Makikaka" mean? (to Akmenrah) Translation please?
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