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Harold Zidler
The Duke
The Narcoleptic Argentinian

(Before kissing Christian) You're going to be bad for business, I can tell.

The difference between you and I is that you can leave anytime you choose. But this is my home. The Moulin Rouge is my home.

Christian, I'm a courtesan. I'm paid to make men believe what they want to believe.

I couldn't. I saw you there and I felt differently and the Duke he saw... Christian I love you. I don't want to pretend anymore. I didn't want to lie and he knows, he knows.

Duke! Dont you toy with my emotions! (fake sobs)You must know the effect you have on women.

Everything's going so well!

The Duke holds the deeds to the Moulin Rouge. He's spending a fortune on you. He's giving you a beautiful new dressing room. He wants to make you a star, and you are dallying with the writer!

The show must go on.

She says it feels so good when you hold her, and touch her; it makes her feel like a ... virgin.

Hurt him. Hurt him to save him.

A magnificent, opulent, tremendous, stupendous, gargantuan bedazzlement, a sensual ravishment. It will be: Spectacular Spectacular.

My little sparrow is dying.

Why would the courtesan chose the penniless sitar player over the maharajah, who is offering a lifetime of security? That's real love. Once the sitar player has satisfied his lust, he will leave the courtesan with nothing.

I forgot my hat.(seeing Satine passed out with Christian on the bed) Foul play?!

You expect me to believe that scantily clad, in the arms of another man, in the middle of the night, inside an elephant you were rehearsing?