Duke: Well, listen, uh, where were you when you were drafted? I was just curious.
Trapper John: Back home. I told you before.
Duke: No, I mean, what were you doing? Were you, like, a resident, or on staff someplace?
Trapper John: Mmm.
Duke: Where?
Trapper John: Hospital.
Duke: Which hospital?
Trapper John: Back home.
Duke: [To Hawkeye] Is there some reason I shouldn't know which hospital?
Hawkeye: I don't know. I will ask. Is there some reason my friend should not know the name of the hospital?
[Trapper pops his gum and shrugs.]
Hawkeye: There doesn't appear to be any reason. I've seen you somewhere before. I don't know your name, stranger, but your face is familiar. Have you always had that mustache?
[Trapper John smirks and shakes his head.]
Hawkeye: Hmm.
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