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[After firing an arrow at Adrian through his penis] Now, that hurt the both of us.

[NFL quarterback Dan Marino tries to strike a bargain with Satan.]
Satan: I'm sorry. After careful consideration, I regretfully have to decline.
Dan Marino: C'mon, man, I'm just asking — let me win one Super Bowl.
Satan: In exchange for eternal damnation of your soul? You're too nice of a guy for me to want to do that to you, Mr. Marino.
Dan Marino: You did it for Namath.
Satan: Yeah, but Joe was coming here anyways.

Jimmy the demon: You were gone ten seconds. What happened?
Nicky: I got hit by a big light that was attached to a lot of metal.
Satan:That's a train, son. Don't stand in front of them.
Nicky: Well, I guess I'm going to have to take a mulligan on this one.

Beefy: Now eat up, you're gonna need you energy.
Nicky: I got energy up the ying-yang! Let's go save dad!
[runs out onto street with flask]
Nicky: Adrian! Cassius!
[gets hit by a bus]
Beefy: Oh boy..

Woman: The lord gave my son the strength to get off drugs!
Cardinal: Ma'am I know your son, and believe me, he was better off on the drugs. At least when he was smoking hash he used to make me laugh occasionally.

Valerie: My dad's an optometrist.
Nicky: My dad's in hell and he's falling apart.

Nicky: Good luck with the nipple rubbing..
Nipples: I don't need luck. I'm good!

Release the evil!

Release the good. Release the awesome!

I've never been to Earth, dad. I've never even slept over at some other dude's house.

Popeye's Chicken is ****ing awesome!

[after being killed by a train, then a bus] From now on, I'm just gonna avoid all moving metal objects.

Get In The Flask!

That's not me! That's that ****roach Tony Montana!

How about this. I'll stay here enjoy my pizza & my peppermint schnapps & YOU Go back.