Léon quotes

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Stansfield ("Stan")

[after seeing that Lèon has pulled a grenade pin] Shit. [the grenade explodes]

Manolo! A glass of milk for my friend L?on, here.

It's been a long time, L?on. I missed you. And, uh, you missed some nice jobs.

Training's good. But don't overdo it. You know, training don't pay as good as working.

I should hold the money for you till you're older. Like a bank, you know, except it's better than a bank, 'cause banks always get knocked off. No one knocks off old Tony.

Now take this money and get the hell outta here, and don't let me see your face till next month. 'Cause somethin' tells me I'm about to lose my famous kind streak.

Margie Lando: Can someone who's doing nothin' but watch cartoons all day move a little ass and go get some food?

Mr. Jones: Someone's coming up. Someone serious.

Willie-Blood: Man, keep your bumbaclot mouth shut. What do you know about music?

Willie-Blood: I think it was something personal.

Malky: Benny! There should be three kids here. I think Stan killed this girl, and Willie, that asshole, shot the little boy. The third one's missing. Find her.

Malky: Easy, man. I'm a cop.

Old Lady: Why don't you leave that poor family alone?

SWAT Team Leader: We're in a bad way here. Send in the cats.

Tony: Now, you know Marizio's a reasonable guy. He just wants a little conversation. But this guy, he don't wanna hear about it. Maybe he'll listen to you. He comes to town every Tuesday. Are you free Tuesday?
L?on: Yeah, I'm free Tuesday.