Mathilda quotes

I've seen better days. [after her family have been shot by corrupt DEA officers]

You've been really great with me, Leon. And it's not always like that-- you know?

If you don't help me I'll die tonight. I can feel it. And I don't wanna die tonight.

I'm putting in the name of a girl in my class who makes me sick. If things get hot, she'll take the heat.

Can we try with real bullets now?

I know where to find the guys who killed my brother. Their boss is Norman Stansfield, and he's in the D.E.A. building, room 4602. I'm gonna do them myself. If something goes wrong, I left you twenty grand on the table. It's for a contract -- five grand a head, right? I know I'll feel better after I do this." (voice-over, from note)

I think we're gonna be okay here, Leon.

If you really wanted to help it, you'd plant it in the park, so it could have roots. [in reference to Leon's treasured plant]

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