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Jimmy Price: You know why people like you can't leave this business? Because you make too much money for people like me.

Cody: Black! You can't have black. Black's the color for a hearse or a taxi.

Shanks: But he got unlucky because this lot are wanted for ****in' war crimes! Mass murder, ethnic cleansin'. They're lunatics! They're wanted by the United ****ing Nations.

Shanks: Now, his party piece, right... is lopping people's heads off, then fetching 'em back to his boss.

Gene: If you have to kill a person, never ever tell a living soul.

Dragan: Don't piss in my pocket and tell me it's raining.

Duke: Oh, you give a ****in' asprin a headache, pal!

Tammy: Patience, darling. All good things come to those who wait.

Tammy: Oooh it's fresh this morning. Look at my nipples, standing up like little soldiers.

Crazy Larry: ****ing females is for poofs!

Clarkie: Where the **** is Gene?
Terry: I don't know, mate. Ask me one on sport.

XXXX: Well, don't think too long, because somebody's gonna make a killing on these pills.
Trevor: They already have. That's the problem, kidder.

XXXX: [over the phone] Dragan?
Dragan: Yes."
XXXX: I've got an idea... Why don't you come 'round for breakfast? I'll squeeze some orange juice and grind some coffee and we can talk about this like adults. How's that sound?"
Dragan: Sounds very hospitable.
XXXX: Do you know where I live?
Dragan: No.
XXXX: Well, **** off then.

Gene: [to XXXX] This what being a gangster gets you. You're not in there 'cause I like you.
Morty: I'm beginning to feel left out.
Gene: Why? I seem to recall a friend of yours in intensive care after your little... reunion.

XXXX: That's a very expansive question.
Jimmy Price: Expansive? [laughs] Tell me son, are you a homosexual? The day was when only homosexual's used words like "expansive". You're not a homosexual are you? Not behind in your rent?

Jimmy Price: "Details, details. Things to do. Things to get done. Don't bother me with details, just tell me when they're done." Who said that, son?
XXXX: Winston Churchill?
Jimmy Price: Close. No, I said it. James Lionel Price.

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