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Eddie Temple

Cody: Black! You can't have black. Black's the color for a hearse or a taxi.

Crazy Larry: ****ing females is for poofs!

Dragan: Don't piss in my pocket and tell me it's raining.

Duke: Oh, you give a ****in' asprin a headache, pal!

Gene: If you have to kill a person, never ever tell a living soul.

Jimmy Price: You know why people like you can't leave this business? Because you make too much money for people like me.

Shanks: But he got unlucky because this lot are wanted for ****in' war crimes! Mass murder, ethnic cleansin'. They're lunatics! They're wanted by the United ****ing Nations.

Shanks: Now, his party piece, right... is lopping people's heads off, then fetching 'em back to his boss.

Tammy: Oooh it's fresh this morning. Look at my nipples, standing up like little soldiers.

Tammy: Patience, darling. All good things come to those who wait.

Clarkie: Where the **** is Gene?
Terry: I don't know, mate. Ask me one on sport.

Gene: [to XXXX] This what being a gangster gets you. You're not in there 'cause I like you.
Morty: I'm beginning to feel left out.
Gene: Why? I seem to recall a friend of yours in intensive care after your little... reunion.

Jimmy Price: "Details, details. Things to do. Things to get done. Don't bother me with details, just tell me when they're done." Who said that, son?
XXXX: Winston Churchill?
Jimmy Price: Close. No, I said it. James Lionel Price.

XXXX: That's a very expansive question.
Jimmy Price: Expansive? [laughs] Tell me son, are you a homosexual? The day was when only homosexual's used words like "expansive". You're not a homosexual are you? Not behind in your rent?

XXXX: Well, don't think too long, because somebody's gonna make a killing on these pills.
Trevor: They already have. That's the problem, kidder.