Kindergarten Cop

Kindergarten Cop quotes

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Detective Phoebe O'Hara
John Kimble
Multiple Characters

Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

I'm going to ask you a bunch of questions and I want them answered immediately.

Shut up!!!

Kimble: I have a headache

My name is John Kimble [****s shotgun] and I love my car.

Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina. ~ Kindergarten student

But what about your wife? Remember her? All this hard earned drug money she stole from you? How much was it? Three million dollars? I bet you she would be a much better witness.

Hey. I'm a police officer.

I'm a cop, you idiot! I'm Detective John Kimble!

Bring your toy back to the carpet!

I have a witness too, specfically about murder this time. Now you're mine.

You lack discipline!

Well I've got news for you! You are mine now! You belong to me!

Stop it!

Lowell: It might be a tumor.
Kimble: It's not a tumor! (pronounced TOOMAH)
I'm detective John Kimble.