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Dennis Nedry
Donald Gennaro
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Dr. Ian Malcolm
John Hammond
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Robert Muldoon
Tim Murphy

[last lines] Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord be with me. [T-Rex approaches] AAAAHHH!!!!!

You're a nerd.

Phones, security systems... you name it, we got it!

Well, the question is how can you know anything about an extinct ecosystem?

[Muldoon and Ellie find an injured Malcolm lying under the remains of the restroom]
Ellie Sattler: He put a tourniquet on. Ian? Ian?!
Ian Malcolm: Remind me to thank John for a lovely weekend.
[The T. rex roars in the distance]
Ellie Sattler: Can we chance moving him?
[Another roar is heard as Malcolm sits up]
Ian Malcolm: Please, chance it.

Dinosaurs eat Man... Woman inherits the earth.

[Muldoon and Ellie equip themselves for a run to the maintenance shed]
John Hammond: But, it ought to be me, really, going.
Ellie Sattler: Why?
John Hammond: Well, I'm a... and you're, uh...
Ellie Sattler: Look...
Robert Muldoon: Come on, let's go.
Ellie Sattler: We can discuss 'sexism in survival situations' when I get back.

All major changes are like death. You can't see what is on the other side until you get there.

We're being hunted. From the bushes strait ahead, It's all right. Run, towards the shed. I've got her. Go, NOW!

[Thunderous approaching footsteps send Donald Gennaro fleeing into a restroom]
Alan Grant: Now where does he think he's going?
Ian Malcolm: When you gotta go, you gotta go.

[After seeing a massive pile of dinosaur dung] That is one big pile of shit.

[Last words] Clever girl.

[Realizing the raptors have broken out from their cage] The shutdown must have turned off all the fences. Dammit, even Nedry knew better than to mess with the raptor fences.

Okay, I'll count to three. 1... 2... [Gets electrocuted by an electric fence he was climbing in order to escape from the T. rex. He is revived minutes later by Dr. Grant] 3.

Mr. Hammond, after careful consideration, I have decided not to endorse your park.