Robert Muldoon quotes

[After the gatekeeper gets his leg grabbed by the raptor in the box] Block the opening don't let her get out... Work her back.


[About the park's three Velociraptors] They should all be destroyed.

[About the park's three Velociraptors] They're extremely intelligent, even problem-solving intelligent, especially the big one.

[About the park's three Velociraptors] They're lethal at eight months, and I do mean lethal. I've hunted most things that can hunt you, but the way these things move...

[About the park's three Velociraptors] That's right, but they never attack the same place twice. They were testing the fences for weeknesses, scientifically. They remember.

[While the fences begin to fail all over Jurassic park] The raptor fences aren't out, are they?

[During the T-Rex chase, when Malcolm falls onto the Jeep's stick-shift] Get off the stick! Bloody move!

[Realizing the raptors have broken out from their cage] The shutdown must have turned off all the fences. Dammit, even Nedry knew better than to mess with the raptor fences.

We're being hunted. From the bushes strait ahead, It's all right. Run, towards the shed. I've got her. Go, NOW!

[Last words] Clever girl.

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