Midas: You are intruders.
Melody Valentine: Oh! No, sir. We're Pussycats. I'm Melody, and this is Josie. And--
Midas: SILENCE! You are intruders, and must be disposed of!
Alexander Cabot III: Disposed of? (gulps in fear) That's no way to treat like guests.
Midas: You are not my guests. You are my prisoners! Try to leave, and my guards will use their sleep guns.
Alexandra Cabot: What's this all about? I demand an explanation!
Midas: In my laboratory, I have perfected a blue microbe mist that has the capability to seek out and destroy all the gold in the world.
Josie James: So what good will that do you?
Midas: I'm telling you, my curious friends. Unless I am given half of the gold in the world, I shall destroy all the gold in the world.
Alan M. Mayberry: Okay. Now that we know what you're gonna do with the gold, what are you gonna do with all of us?
Midas: You will soon find out. (wicked laughter)
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