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Johnny English
Pascal Sauvage

Johnny English: [picks up a pen on the secretary's desk] This reminds me of the old service issue ballpoint. I remember every agent used to carry a pen that looked just like this. Completely innocent to the untrained eye but, click it twice... [clicks the pen twice and a missile shoots out of the pen and hits the secretary, who collapses]

Bough: Are you all right, sir?
Johnny English: Yes, I landed on something quite soft.
Bough: That was me, sir.
Johnny English: Oh, good.

[Johnny and Bough are in a dark tunnel]
Johnny English: It may be pitch black, but we can still see.
Bough: How?
Johnny English: The Benodin monks of the Al Magreb Mountains developed a system of sonic chanting.
Bough: I see, sir. And?
Johnny English: The sound of their chanting would bounce back off any obstacles, and using their highly tuned ears they could paint a mental picture of the path ahead.
Bough: Brilliant.
Johnny English: However, you must always sing in E-flat.
Johnny English: [singing] E-E-E-E flat, E-E-E flat, E-flaaaaaaat! Thaaaaank you for the music, the songs I'm singing--
Bough: Is it working, sir?
Johnny English: Extremely well, thank you.
Johnny English: [singing] Thanks for all the joy that-- [Johnny hits the tunnel wall] Oh!

[after landing on the wrong building, which happens to be a hospital, and taking the medical staff hostage]
Johnny English: Now, perhaps you could direct me to your evil paymaster.
Doctor: What are you talking about?
Johnny English: You know exactly what I'm talking about. Where is the office of Pascal Sauvage?
[everyone looks out of the window; Jonny turns to see a giant SAUVAGE sign on the next building with Bough staring at him from the window]
Bough: [over com-link] Are you coming over here in a minute, sir?

[the Archbishop prepares to coronate Sauvage]
Archbishop: I crown you--
[Johnny swings from the chandelier and forces Sauvage out of the seat, seconds before the Archbishop lowers the crown onto his head]
Archbishop: --King.
[the whole world watches, astonished by what has just happened]