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Joe Dirt
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And you'll be sticking your head out the window and check out chick dogs saying "What's up, baby?"

It puts the Joe Dirt in the hole.

Well, well, well, the famous Brandy - Tokyo Rose of the trailer park.

Ya gotta keep on, keepin' on.

Life's a garden, dig it.

ohforchristsakes, HERE! [sends AutoTrader down well]

[To himself] YOU JUST SAID YOUR SISTER WAS HOT. WHAT A FOR-EEK. You're going to Hell, man.

Railroad Boy #1: Oh - it's so flat!

There are three rules when dealing with a deadly crocodile. Rule number one, I'm number one. Rule number two, the croc's number two.

[Trying to scrape Charlie the dog's testicles off the frozen porch] Now, this ain't no flapjack, so I'm gonna be real careful, I won't look.

Things are gonna happen for me, I'm Joe Dirt.

Don't you get it? Stinky stuff is your milieu. Okay? This is your deal. You are an underachievement nexus of the universe.

Robby: You all right Dirt?
Joe Dirt: Yeah, I'm cool.
Robby: No you're not.

That shit'll buff out.

You wanna fight? Why don't you stick your head up my butt and fight for air?