Jerry: Rod! How ya doing? Jerry Maguire.
Rod: "How am I doing?" I'll tell you. I'm sweatin, dude! That's how I'm "doin." I'm sweatin my contract. I'm sweatin' Bob Sugar calling and telling me I'm blowing the big endorsements if I stay with you. I'm sweatin'. You hear what I'm saying?
Jerry: I hear what you're saying...
Rod: No. I hear that you hear what I'm saying. But do you hear what I'm saying?
Rod: Alright, we're just getting started on my list of things you need to know. Take notes if you want to.
Jerry: Okay.
Rod: Good, 'cause see, I am a valuable commodity. I go across the middle. I see the ball and a dude coming right at me, wanting to kill me, I tell my brain "get killed, catch the ball." That's New York Steak, baby. Rare. And yet, nobody's giving me LOVE. Nobody's giving me PROPS. Nobody. I went to Arizona State, I'm from Arizona, I break Arizona records, I'm a Sun Devil, man!!!
Jerry: Now you want Arizona dollars.
Rod: Exactly. And I'm sitting here with an ant problem, look! And my brother Tee Pee's room is flooded with water. The house is fallin' apart, we don't even know where we're gonna live in a year, and I'm supposed to be a "superstar," man! Are you catching my flow, here?
Jerry: I need a decision from you, Rod.
Rod: Now to recap, I want to stay in Arizona. I want my new contract. I like you, you're nice to my wife.
Jerry: That's that's great. I'm really... happy.
Rod: Are you listenin'?
Jerry: Yes!
Rod: This is what I'm gonna do for you: God bless you, Jerry. But this is what you gonna do for me, Jerry?
Jerry: Yeah, what can I do for you, Rod? You just tell me what can I do for you?
Rod: It's something very personal, a very important thing. Hell! It's a family motto. Are you ready Jerry? I wanna make sure you're ready, brother. Here it is: Show me the money. SHOW! ME! THE! MONEY! Jerry, it is such a pleasure to say that! Say it with me one time, Jerry.
Jerry: Show you the money.
Rod: No, no. You can do better than that! I want you to say it brother with meaning! Hey, I got Bob Sugar on the other line I bet you he can say it!
Jerry: Ye, ye, no, no, no. Show you the money.
Rod: No! Not show you! Show me the money!
Jerry: Show me the money!
Rod: Yeah! Louder!
Jerry: Show me the money!
Rod: I need to feel you Jerry!
Jerry: Show me the money! Show me the money!
Rod: I love black people.
Jerry: I love black people!
Rod: Who's your mother****er, Jerry?
Jerry: You're my mother ****er! Show me the money!
Rod: Uh! Congratulations, you're still my agent. Note: the bolded line is ranked #25 in the American Film Institute's list of the top 100 movie quotations in American cinema.
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