Sugar: I came here to let you go.
Jerry: Pardon me?
Sugar: Came here to fire you, Jerry. It's real, Jerry. You... you should say something.
Jerry: Aw shit...the crowded restaurant... so there's no scene...
Sugar: I know. It sucks. I suck.
Jerry: You...
Sugar: You did this to yourself. You said "fewer clients." You put it all on paper. Scully was very upset. Heart attacks make some people sweeter, but not him. You did this to yourself -- although I do gotta hand it to you. For about five minutes you had everyone applauding smaller revenues.
Jerry: You... ungrateful... unctuous...
Sugar: ... dick?
Jerry: Dick.
Sugar: Give me a little credit for doing this face-to-face! What I went through knowing I was going to do this to my mentor! Can you get past yourself for a second?
Jerry: You'll lose.
Sugar: You wanted smaller.
Jerry: I'm over it. Now I want all my clients and yours too.
Sugar: Jerry --
Jerry: -- and I'll get 'em.
Sugar: You'll always be my hero, Jerry. Always always always. We're bringing other elements in, we're focusing on endorsements -- it's not about handholding anymore. We're no longer babysitters.
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