Avery: Don't...ever...stop...****ing...me!
Jerry: Sooner... or later... I'll have to stop.
Avery: Oh Gawd, oh yes, it's never been better. Never BETTER!! Never BETTER!!
[The two finish having sex]
Avery: Open your eyes. If you ever want me to be with another woman for you, I would do it. I'm not interested in it. There was a time, yes, it felt normal for me, but it was a phase, a college thing, like torn Levi's or law school for you... people change, but if you ever feel like being adventurous in that way, I would do it for you... You want anything from the kitchen I'm going to get some fruit --
Jerry: You know I don't think we need to do the thing where we tell each other everything!
Avery: Jerry, this is what intimacy is!
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