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Emily Montgomery
Howard Brackett
Voice on "How To Be a Man" tape

This is my Peter - uh, my friend Peter. We just met at the, uh, intersexual... homosection... INTERSECTION!

Peter: What was Barbara Streisand's eighth album?
Howard: Color Me Barbra.
Peter: Stud!
Howard: Everybody knows that!
Peter: Everybody where? The little gay bar on the prairie?

I need a heterosexual male, CODE RED!

Is everybody gay? Is this a Twilight Zone?

I just came out! At my wedding!

Excuse me, are we a little teapot?

Class: so, uh, where were we? Romantic poetry. Shakespeare. Talented. English. Dead.

For God's sake, don't shake that booty!

Truly manly men do NOT dance.

Think of John Wayne, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold doesn't dance, he can hardly walk.

Voice on tape: Now, repeat after me: "Yo!"
Howard: Yo!
Voice on tape: Hot damn!
Howard: Hot damn!
Voice on tape: What a fabulous window treatment!
Howard: What a fabu...
Voice on tape: That was a trick!

Well, how did you do... prissy boy?

Jennifer the Flower Girl: My mom says it won't last.
Berniece: Your mom's an alcoholic.

Peter: Look, everyone wants to talk to Diane Sawyer or Joan London, and my network's killing me. They want me blond!
Howard: With your coloring?

Peter: One day I just clicked. I said: "Mom, dad, Sparky, I'm gay."
Howard: So what happened?
Peter: My mom cried, for exactly 10 seconds, my boss said: "Who cares?", and my dad said: "But you're so tall...!".