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Bert Gordon
Eddie Felson
Sarah Packard

Minnesota Fats: I quit, Eddie. I can't beat you...[To Gordon] You've got yourself a pool player.

How much am I gonna win tonight? Ten grand, I'm gonna win ten grand in one night. Well, who's gonna beat me?...I mean, what other pool room is there in the country where a guy can walk out with ten grand in one night

[about Minnesota Fats] He is great! Geez, that old Fat Man. Look at the way he moves, like a dancer...And those fingers, them chubby fingers. And that stroke, it's like he's uh, like he's playin' a violin or somethin'.

You know, I gotta hunch, Fat Man. I've gotta hunch it's me from here-on in...I mean, did that ever happen to you? When all of a sudden, you feel like you can't miss? 'Cause I dreamed about this game, Fat Man. And I dreamed about this game every night on the road...You know, this is my table, man, I own it...

[explaining his pool cue case] This guy told me when I came to the big city, I'd have to have a machine gun, so I bought one.

I'm gonna beat that Fat Man, with that curly hair and those diamond rings and that carnation.

[After discovering that Charlie held some money out on him] With that fifteen hundred, I could have beat him. That's all I needed Charlie...You'd love to keep me hustlin' for ya, huh, wouldn't ya? I mean, a couple more years with me scufflin' around, in them little towns and those back alleys, you might make yourself enough to get a little pool room back in Oakland - six tables and a handbook on the side...Lay down and die by yourself.

Boy! Everybody, everybody wants a piece of me.

Maybe I'm not such a high-class piece of property right now. But that twenty-five percent slice of somethin' big is better than a hundred percent slice of nothin'.

Two ships that pass in the night should always buy each other breakfast.

I'm a college girl, two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, I go to college...I'm the emancipated type, real emancipated...I've got nothing else to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

[to Eddie] Why me? [Without answering, he hungrily kisses her. She pushes him back.] Please, please, you're too hungry.

When I'm drunk, I lie...Look, I've got troubles and I think maybe you've got troubles. Maybe it'd be better if we just leave each other alone.

I've been living here almost three years. Now in three days, it seems as if I know everybody. I pass people on the street. I want to stop them and say, 'Listen, I got a fella.'

[to Eddie] We have a contract of depravity. All we have to do is pull the blinds down.