Bert Gordon quotes

[to Eddie] start drinking whiskey gambling - it gives you an excuse for losing. That's something you don't need, an excuse for losing.

[to Eddie] James Findlay is a very rich man. His grandfather left him twenty-five percent of his tobacco company...He's a gentleman. Gentlemen gamble. He gets his kicks playin' a hustler. He's got an old Southern mansion with a pool table in the basement, drinks eight year-old bourbon, smokes a hawk-tipped cigarette...I never saw him play. They say he's one of the best...I've got confidence in Findlay...That means I've got confidence that he's a loser, all the way a loser. You happen to be about only one-half loser, the other half winner.

It will be a lot of laughs. Findlay's parties are famous. He invites everybody from top to bottom. From high society to every town hustler and tramp in town. It's another way he has of getting his kicks. It excites him to be around what he calls the criminal type. Some men are like that. Some women too.

I didn't ask him, 'Can he beat ya?' I already know he can beat ya. I asked him, 'Will he?' To Eddie, that's two different things.

[to Eddie, about Sarah] She come in here Eddie and asked me for a drink. I give her one. We had a few more. Eddie, she came in here.

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