Nicholas Angel: [Angel puts some coins in the swear box] Leslie Tiller was ****ing murdered!
DC Andy Cartwright: What, just like Tim Messenger?
Nicholas Angel: Yes!
DS Andy Wainwright: George Merchant?
Nicholas Angel: Yes!
DC Andy Cartwright: Eve Draper?
Nicholas Angel: Yes!
DS Andy Wainwright: Martin Blower?
Nicholas Angel: No, actually.
DS Andy Wainwright and DC Andy Cartwright: Really?
Nicholas Angel: 'Course he ****ing was! [Danny puts money in the swear box] Thank you Danny!
DC Andy Cartwright: Murder, murder, murder. Change the ****in' record! [DS Wainwright puts money in the swear box] Thank you Andy.
Sergeant Tony Fisher: Come on Sergeant, you've gotta accept that it was just another nasty accident.
Nicholas Angel: What are you suggesting?! That Leslie Tiller tripped and fell on her own shears?
Seargent Tony Fisher: Ben Fletcher fell on his pitchfork the other week.
PC Doris Thatcher: Yeah, accidents happen all the time. What makes you think it was MURDER?
Nicholas Angel: BECAUSE I WAS THERE!!!
DS Andy Wainwright: There's a point. Why were you there?
Nicholas Angel: I was buying... Constable Butterman a Japanese peace lily for his birthday.
DC Andy Cartwright: What absolute 'orseshit!
Nicholas Angel: I chased a suspect from the scene! Innocent people don't run!
Seargent Tony Fisher: Maybe it was our ol' friend the Cactus Theif?
PC Doris Thatcher: Oh yeah, he was a prickly customer, weren't he? Ha ha!
DC Andy Cartwright: [Robert De Niro impression] Maybe you are. Maybe you did it.
DS Andy Wainwright: Seeing how you're such a big fan of murder!
Nicholas Angel: WHAT THE F--
Frank Butterman: Sergeant Angel?
Nicholas Angel: YES! [calms down] Sir?
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