[watching an elderly man in a large, thick coat pass by]
Nicholas Angel: What about this guy?
Danny Butterman: [surprised] Mr. Treacher?
Nicholas Angel: Yeah, why has he got that big coat on? He can't be cold, why the extra layer? Maybe he's trying to hide something.
Danny Butterman: Mr. Treacher?
[Nicholas turns his attention to a young man in a purple track suite, who's cap is pulled down over the top of his face]
Nicholas Angel: Okay, what about this guy? Why has he got his hat pulled down like that?
Danny Butterman: He's ****-ugly.
Nicholas Angel: Or he doesn't want you to see his face.
Danny Butterman: BECAUSE he's ****-ugly.
Nicholas Angel: [turning his attention to yet another suspicious character, this time a tall, muscular brute] What's his story?
Danny Butterman: Oh, that's Lurch.
Nicholas Angel: Go on.
Danny Butterman: He's a trolley boy at the local supermarket.
Nicholas Angel: Uh-huh.
Danny Butterman: Real name Michael Armstrong.
Nicholas Angel: Mmm-hmm.
Danny Butterman: Dad says he's got a child's mind.
Nicholas Angel: Okay.
Danny Butterman: He lives up Summer Street with his mum and his sister.
Nicholas Angel: And are they as big as he is?
Danny Butterman: Who?
Nicholas Angel: The mum and the sister?
Danny Butterman: Same person.
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