Hoodwinked quotes

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The Wolf

(after giving Twitchy coffee) What... have I done?

(after drinking a whole cup of coffee in seconds) Caff-EINE! YEAH, baby! (zooms off into the forest after the cops, leaving a sonic boom in his wake)

Woodsman: [disguised as Dolph] Uh, Mister Rabbit...
Boingo: Dolph! Where have you been? You nimwitted Eurotrash with the... what is that, a ski mask?
Woodsman: Uh, I, um, yah...
Boingo: I like that! See, that's scary. Yeah that's good...
Woodsman: Um, b-boss...
Boingo: WHAT? Say it! Spit it out! What's goin' on?
Woodsman: Um... boss, uh,
Woodsman: Paul's bunion cream/has the soothing formula...
Wolf: [interrupts, also in disguise] Hi there! What he means to say is that I'm the building inspector.
Woodsman: Yah, yes!
Wolf: I just need to tap the pipes; see if your wiring's up to par.
Boingo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold it, you're not... no, you can't touch anything in here.
Wolf: [pauses] Let's walk.

Wolf: I can't believe I'm saying this but... drink up
[gives twitchy the coffee]
Wolf: We may want... to stand back.
Twitchy: [Sips coffee and his eyes bulge and he starts shaking] Yee-hoo-hoo-hoo! Wahooo! Caffeine! Yeah baby! Whoa!
Wolf: Go get 'em boy.
[Twitchy takes off and bounces all over the place]
Wolf: What... have I done?
Granny: Now the rest's up to us.
Woodsman: Can I have coffee?

Oh, you'd best be fearing the ear baby!

For a reporter, you sure have a funny way of doing your job.

I smell hairspray.

I had always heard about call backs. But I had never gotten one!

Not my finger!

Maybe so, but I'm top of the woods now baby!

Shouldn't I have a lawyer?

Wolf: Twitchy! You scared me!
Twitchy: [speaking quickly] Hey-boss-I-called-I-beeped-you-on-your-beeper-did-you-get-my-beep?
Wolf: Twitchy, you've got to calm down.
Twitchy: I-got-up-early-and-I-got-the-gear-I-was-watching-the-girl-like-you-told-me-to-the-girl-in-the-red-hood.
Wolf: Yeah, the girl in the red hood. Did you see where she went?
Twitchy: She-went-past-the-porcupines-and-the-red-bird's-tree-and-the-guy-with-the-long-beard-and-now-she's-up-the-creek-and-she-sings-everywhere-she-goes-she's-like-lalalalalalalalalala...
Wolf: Hey, Twitchy? Ever think of switching to decaf?
Twitchy: Oh-I-don't-drink-coffee!

What the schnitzel?

You've been Hoodwinked, baby!

Can I have coffee?