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Ryan Evans
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Unlike the first movie where Troy's singing voice was a composite of Zac Efron and Drew Seeley, Zac does all the vocal intonations for Troy.

Grease reference: Sharpay angrily tells her brother that he was not supposed to turn them in to the cast of Grease.

Troy: How's your show going?
Sharpay: How's it going? My show makes the captain of the Titanic look like he won the lottery.

This movie was the first Disney Channel Original Movie to have commercials on ABC. It was also the first made-for-TV movie to have a Hollywood-style premiere event.

Charles Klapow, the choreographer, was in almost every major dance scene. His sister Kim also appears in the major dance scenes.

Through a Disney Channel online survey fans voted on what they wanted to see in the movie. The answers were: Corbin's T-shirt read "I majored in vacation."

Unlike the first movie, Chad and Taylor have singing parts but a song involving just Kelsi Nielsen, Jason Cross, Zeke Taylor, and Martha Cox was cut from the movie.

Miley Cyrus makes a cameo appearance near the end of "All for One" as one of the dancers by the pool. According to Miley there were two scenes filmed. One was a scene where at the end she jumps out of the bushes and dances with Jason. The second which was seen in the movie was her by the pool with Chucky Klapow. There are even still pictures of her jumping into the pool with the cast.

Ryan wore nine different hats in the movie.

The license plate on Sharpay's golf cart read "FABULUS".

The blackboard in Mrs. Darbus read "Please turn off all cell phones".

The piano in the "Fabulous" scene was pink. It was later painted white for "Everyday".

Troy Bolton is the only character to have a solo. In the first movie, however, Gabriella is the only one.

It took three weeks for the dancing sequences to be done. The soundtrack however was done in a week. The rest of the filming was done in three more weeks.

Sister dancers Lea and Kelly Baker were also in most of the dance scenes as well as cheerleader dancers in HSM1. Lea even has a minor speaking role as one of the Sharpettes.