Ms. Darbus: You must remember, young thespians, learning is never seasonal, so do allow the shimmering lights of summer-- (All gasp due to the exclamation tone used by Ms. Darbus)-- to refresh and illuminate your fertile young minds!
Chad Danforth: (Whispers) What is she talking about?
Ms. Darbus: The future greets you with its magic mirror, reflecting each golden moment, each emboldened choice.
Troy Bolton: Dude! Ms. Darbus has snapped her cap!
Chad Danforth: Dude! You're actually listening?
Ms. Darbus: Yes, Jason. (In reply to Jason having his hand up)
Jason Cross: So, what was your favorite summer memory. Miss Darbus? (All groan)
Ms. Darbus: Summers have passed fleetingly since I was your age, but I remember each with poignant clarity. There was the unforgettable summer--
Chad Danforth: Summer.
Martha Cox: Summer. (while listening to hip-hop)
Chad Danforth: Summer.
Kelsi Nielsen: Summer.
Chad Danforth: Summer!
Taylor McKessie: Summer!
Gabriella Montez: Summer.
All: Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer! Summer! Summer! Summer! (school bell rings)
(This is when they start to sing "What Time Is It?")
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