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Ryan Evans
Sharpay Evans

Sharpay Evans: I want them out!
Mr.Fulton: But your mother specifically said--
Sharpay Evans: Oh don't you mention that backstabbing yoginni to me! If you can't fire them, make them want to quit!

Troy Bolton: We'll watch movies, download music, oh and I am definitely teaching you a twisted flip on the skateboard!
Gabriella Montez: Oh, and I have first aid training so I can patch myself up afterwards
Troy Bolton: Alright!!
Sharpay Evans: Going to movies, listening to music, (in high pitch squeaqy voice) and golly, Troy! I have first aid training! Eh heh!! Eh heh! Eh heh! (normal voice) Oh please!

Sharpay Evans: When did you turn into one of....them?
Ryan Evans: I'll take that as a compliment.

(After hearing about the staff not being allowed to perform in the talent show, Gabriella confronts Sharpay.) Gabriella: Sharpay!(pause) Forget about the rest of us, how about the fact that your brother has worked extremely hard on this show?
Sharpay: Oh boo-who, he'll be in the show, he'll do his celebrity impersonations. And don't you lecture me about Ryan, given the way you've been interfering with Troy's future.
Gabriella: What?
Sharpay: You've gotten him written up by Fulton for sneaking on the golf course and swimming after hours. I had to step in just to save Troy's job.
Gabriella: I'm not interested in what you think you're doing for Troy, that's between you and him. But you're messing with my friends and my summer, and that's not okay with me.
Sharpay: You don't like the fact that I won.
Gabriella: What's the prize? Troy?(Troy walks up behind Gabriella and hears the rest) The Star Dazzle Award? You have to go through all this just to get either one? No, thanks Sharpay. You're very good at a game that I don't want to play. So, I'm done here. But you better step away from the mirror long enough to check the damage that will always be right behind you!
Sharpay: (upset and mad) GIRLS!!
(Sharpay walks off and as Gabriella goes to walk away, Troy runs up.) Troy: Hey! What do you mean you're done here? You can't quit!
Gabriella: Us working together sounded good but plans change and...people change. The club talent show is a big deal for Sharpay and evidently for your future, so it's cool, just make it happen; wear your new Italian shoes.
Troy: Hey, I'm still me.
Gabriella: Blowing off your friends? Missing dates?! If that's you, it's good to know!
Troy: No, no, no, no, no. I was only doing that because I'm working on the scholarship thing.You know that.
Gabriella: (sighs) But if along the way you act like someone you're not, pretty soon that's who you become.
Troy: I meant what I said about movies, and summer, and just being together!
Gabriella: I'm sure you did, at the time. But I also meant what I said, that I want to remember this summer. But not like this, Troy.
(Gabriella begins singing "Gotta Go My Own Way")

Sharpay: (screams) What do you mean you're not doing the show?
Troy: Exactly that.
Sharpay: We're singing a duet, Troy! A duet means two people! Well, mostly me in this case, but whatever! DUET!
Troy: I'm an employee. Employees aren't allowed in the show.
Sharpay: No, no, no, no. No, no. You're an honorary member.
Troy: Not anymore. I asked Fulton for my kitchen job back.
Sharpay: What?
Troy: Sharpay, I don't like the way you've been treating my friends. And I don't like the way I've been treating them either, so I'm doing something about it.
Sharpay: An entire table of University boosters are coming to see you, thanks to me.
Troy: So, I'll be their waiter. They'll be thrilled.
Sharpay: Troy, Troy! This could change your life!
Troy: I'm more interested in about what my friends think of me, and what I think of myself.
Sharpay: Oh, we can all hold hands around the campfire some other time. Right now we've got a show to do.
Troy: No. You've got a show to do. I got a kitchen to clean.

Troy: How's your show going?
Sharpay: How's it going? My show makes the captain of the Titanic look like he won the lottery.

Ryan: Listen, I know that everybody think I'm Sharpay's poodle, but..
Gabriella: Hey! If anyone thinks that, they're not thinking that today.

This movie was the first Disney Channel Original Movie to have commercials on ABC. It was also the first made-for-TV movie to have a Hollywood-style premiere event.

Sharpay's dog Boi is actually named Manly and belongs to director Kenny Ortega.

In the final scene "All for One", the six main characters jump into the pool, followed by the secondary cast members and extras. However only Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella's (Vanessa Anne Hudgens) made the final cut. The cut scene and still photos of the others jumping are in the DVD.

Monique Coleman (Taylor McKessie) was afraid to jump in the pool since she never learned to swim, so Corbin Bleu (Chad Danforth) jumped in with her. She said she received an amazing amount of support from the cast and crew.

Corbin Bleu came up with of the sayings on Chad's T-shirts with one exception (see later).

Charles Klapow, the choreographer, was in almost every major dance scene. His sister Kim also appears in the major dance scenes.

The piano in the "Fabulous" scene was pink. It was later painted white for "Everyday".

Unlike the first movie where Troy's singing voice was a composite of Zac Efron and Drew Seeley, Zac does all the vocal intonations for Troy.