Kumar: [whispering] Dude, look at that boil on his neck, it's pulsating!
Harold: [whispering] Shut up, dude. He probably heard what you just said.
Kumar: [whispering] No, he can't. Look at it now! Pus is coming out!
Harold: [looks at Freakshow's neck] Ugh!
Kumar: [whispering] Isn't that the sickest thing you've ever seen?
Harold: [whispering] Just shut up! He's right next to me. He can hear me talking to you He probably heard this whole conversation!
Kumar: [whispering] No, he didn't. He can't hear anything with all that crust in his ear.
[Long awkward pause]
Freakshow: [low voice]] I heard everything you said.
[Later, at Freakshow's house]
Freakshow: It's gonna take me awhile to fix your car...so if you want, you can go inside, get something to drink, wash up, **** my wife.
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