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Raise your voices, brothers! Give praise to the Great 'Guin, who put songs in our hearts and fish in our bellies!

Kiss my frozen tushie! Kiss it, kiss it!

(attempting to sing) Twinkle twinkle little (grating squawking) STAAAR!

(Mumble pretends to sing in an attempt to woo Gloria, but in reality, Ramon is standing behind him singing while he mimes) Ramon: (singing, revealed by Gloria pushing Mumble aside) MYYYYY WAAAAAAAY!
Gloria: (disgusted)
Ramon: (notices Gloria) Hello. I know, size can be, daunting. But don't be afraid--I love you.
Gloria: Mumble, how could you?
Mumble: (tries to reason with Gloria)
Ramon: I LOVE YOU! I like big tails and I can't deny--
Mumble: (in the background as Gloria walks off, still disgusted) STOP IT!

So it follows. Dissent leads to division and division leads us to doom! You, Mumble Happyfeet, must go!

Testify to that... Right on...

There is a POWER that makes me STAND upon this TOWER!

(pecking Mumble's egg) Is it empty? Can I have it?

[to Mumble] The flipper boids - that's you - eat the fish. The flying boids - that's me - eat the flipper boids and the fish. And lately, there ain't a lot of fish.

How are we gonna tell his mama he bring us all this way just to kill himself?

I wouldn't do that around folks, son. It just ain't penguin.

We got personality with a capital "Y". Why? Because we're hot!

I like big tails and I can't deny!

(How tall do you think that tall boy was?) Who can say? Taller than anyone.

Boys! Give a chick a chance.