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Boss Skua
Miss Viola
Noah the Elder
Norma Jean

(to the penguins after they banish Mumble) We sing the heart of our true friend, Mumble! You are a nation of teeny-weeny, pibbling, pickolini, piddily-diddily POOF!

Don't ask me to change, Pa. Because I can't.

(repeated line) Let me tell something to ju.... ["Ju" is "You"]

A penguin without a heart song is hardly a penguin at all!

Check it out… (repeats)
Yo soy Raúl, pingüino mas cool
Latino por supuesto 100% español
My brothers, ¿Qu??
Loco me llaman, una senorita me enciende como flama
La fiesta, baila baila muchachita, mi corazon tiene dinamita
¡Exacto! ¡Te como en un tacto! Dejame ser tu papi pingüino?
¡Booyaka, booyaka!

Raise your voices, brothers! Cry out in defiance of this jiggity-joggity! For when all others leave ... WE REMAIN!

(to Mrs. Astrakhan) I'm being spontan-you-us.

(yelling at a pair of orcas that tried to eat him) ENOUGH! Tis a bad day fo' you! You dealin' with LOVELACE now, and my man Mumble here! BEGONE, demon fish-a! Adios-a. Andiamo-hah. That's right! Boo-hoo; you high-tail it back to yo mamas. Don't make me come in the watah! I'll come after your sons and daughtahs! (fast: "I'm gonna give you the bad eye"; breaks into gibberish.)

Ladies, please avert your eyes... because I've been known to hypnotize. You've heard the voice. Now you're about to meet the one-and-only Lovelace in the flesh, right here, right on, right now.

I will retire now to my couch of perpetual indulgence. OK ladies, who's first?

(after Mumble drives her away) Ugh! You stubborn, hippity-hoppity fool!

ENOUGH! You bring this stranger before me?! He doubts my powers! He compares me to a skua! The voices are shrieking inside my head - they're sayin' "Lovelace! Who is this fool?! Tell him! Tell him to go f- (slight pause) forth and multiply!"

Raise your voices, brothers! Give praise to the Great 'Guin, who put songs in our hearts and fish in our bellies!

(to the colony who were dancing) It is this kind of backsliding that has brought the scarcity upon us!

HEY! It's me, Lovelace; formerly known as Guru! I'm gonna be tellin' your story, Happy Feet! Long after you dead and gone!