Ray: We at Embrey Publicity would like to offer you the AllHeart symbol. Now you would be among a very select group of corporate giants to bear this logo on your product. And what this would say to the public is that your company, Pharmatopsis, had made a radical contribution to helping our world. And here is all you'd have to do to qualify: Your new TB drug, micadin, we would like you to give that product away, for free.
Businessman: Did you say free?
Ray: I did — only to those who really need it. Only to those who without it would otherwise die.
Businessman: Alright. As a concept "free" is kind of up there with "lethal side effects—"
Businessman 2: "Mandatory product recall."
Businessman: "Get indicted, going to jail —"
Businessman 2: "Get out, work at IHOP the rest of your career—"
Ray: Understandable reactions — a radical concept — but it is the brand that represents a fairer and better world. The brand that everyone is talking about. ... Anyway — we can save the world. Someone's just got to go first. What do you say?
CEO: Are you a crackpot?
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