Hancock quotes

Do I look like I care what people think? Statement to Ray Embrey who is trying to convince him he needs his help as a public relations manager (this appears in the trailers only, not in the theatrical release of the movie).

What you want? A cookie? Get the hell out of my face. Statement to a young boy who wakes him from a drunken sleep to tell him there is a crime going on.

All you people blocking the intersection...you're all idiots. Statement to the people at the train tracks.

Cause I been drinkin', bitch! Statement to a woman who complains that Han**** smells like liquor.

Call me an asshole, one more time. Statement made to a small boy who is calling him an asshole, and later to a hostage taker.

If you don't move — your head is going up his ass. Statement to convicts blocking his path while he is in prison.

Good Job. Statement to a police officer fighting some hostage takers.

You're going to change the world. Good job, Ray.

If you don't give yourself up quietly, I swear to CHRIST, your head is going up the driver's ass, your head is going up his ass, and you, you drew the short straw cause you, your head's going up MY ass. To three men in a car who have been shooting at police.

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